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Winter Solstice-  Welcoming the Darkness

Saturday December 9, 2017 4 pm-6 pm

The colder darker months usually do not receive a warm welcome.  Each year the day gets shorter, the air gets colder and the sky gets darker.  Learn to see this time of year as mother nature’s gift to you.  A seasons pass to slow down, hibernate and take the time for self reflection.


New Year- Shedding Emotional Layers

Saturday January 6, 2018 4 pm-6 pm

New Years is associated with new resolutions.  How about changing the question?  What can you let go of to help you move with grace and ease into the New Year?  What resentments have you been harboring?  What cords do you need to cut?  How can you lighten your emotional load?


Spring Equinox- Moving into the Light

Saturday March 3, 2018  4 pm- 6 pm

After a period of darkness and self reflection- how can we take what we have learned into the new season?  

Each workshop will have a particular theme but all focus on breathwork and relaxation. Sessions will begin with a guided meditation, followed by 75 minutes of Restorative Yoga and end with a sweet 45 minutes of Yoga Nidra.  Absolutely no yoga experience required.  These workshops will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.  Wear comfortable warm clothes and bring an extra small blanket from home if you have one.

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Winter Series Restorative Workshops

partnered with Aeriel Arthur

Retreat to Cork, Ireland

Hosted by Megan Eddy and Lori Mancini

May 2018 

Sold Out!

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