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Our bodies are not perfectly balanced.  Our bodies compensate for our imbalances which cause tight muscles to get tighter and weak muscles to get weaker.  The repetitiveness of running further causes problems. Yoga will help to strengthen weak muscles, lengthen tight muscles and improve range of motion.

You Will Learn:

Breathing Techniques- The majority of the day we breathe short and shallow breaths through our chest.  This tells the nervous system there is unrest. Our bodies are in a constant state of unrest because the nervous system is working overtime.  If we don't know how to breathe effectively in everyday life how can we know how to breathe while we are running?

Body Awareness- The body tells us exactly what we need but we rarely listen or don't know how.  We are constantly "looking" for answers when we actual need to be "feeling" for them.  It is hard to feel when we are not grounded and focused.  As we move around the mat the body will tell us a story about what it wants and needs IF we have the right tools to help us listen.  We will use a variety of grounding techniques to help us gain knowledge about the stories our bodies are telling us.

Runner Specific Poses for everyday and Pre and Post Runs- There are certain target areas of the body that runners need to stretch and strengthen more.  This practice will address modifications for injuries and identify key areas of the body as we move.  You will know what body parts you are working , why it is important and how you can make the pose fit your body type.  

Identifying Wasted Energy-  Running is hard enough as it is.  We will go over a checklist of things you can do before and during your runs that will help conserve energy.

Private Lessons Available.  




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